Inhaca and Machangulo Hotels

Machangulo Beach Lodge

Only an hour boat ride from bustling Maputo is one of the Mozambique's most special beach getaways. Perfect for honeymoons, romantic weekends, fishing trips, and so much more, Machangulo Beach Lodge is the juxtaposition of wild ocean side by side with the calm bay, the virgin nature with the cosmopolitan Maputo only a city away, adventurous sea activities and lazing on the pristine beach, utter seclusion and pampered luxury.

Your boat journey through the endless channels of the bay ends on the lodge's secluded beach. From here the beauty and magic will become more and more real. Walkways snake through the cool forest and bring you to the lodge's main building, inviting you to relax and become part of the calm. You cabin is just around the corner and the staff of Machangulo Beach Lodge is at your service to ensure the adventure you've been hoping for...

a: Machangulo Peninsula, Maputo Province, Mozambique
t: +27 13 744 0422

Ponta Torres

Offering top class self-catering units fully serviced and stocked. Air-conditioned rooms sleeping from 3 to 12, mosquito nets in front of windows, will ensure a peaceful night's rest. Custom made iron wood interiors and furniture made on site makes for a unique setting. Getting to Ponta Torres is part of the adventure via boat from Maputo, Inhaca Island, or by road through Maputo's Elephant Reserve. Enjoy our unique location between the ocean, and Maputo Bay.

a: Santa Maria, Matutuine District, Mozambique
t: +27 82 586 7283 / +258 84 318 2443